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Story about the pinyin 

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In the pinyin kingdom, there are six loyal members. They are: 

a, e , i , o , u and ü. Only these 6 members can be entitled to put on the crown, which is the tone mark. 

a is the king, o is the queen, e is the oldest son, i and u are e's twin sisters, ü is the youngest son. 

King a is the one who has the crown if he's home with everyone. 

If king a is not at home, queen o will take the crown. 

If both king a and queen o are not at home, the oldest son e will take the crown. 


​Who gets the crown? 

cao            mei            xiong            shuang            lü

i and u get along very well with each other. They always stick together. 

They decide the one at the back will take the crown. 


Who gets the crown?

qiu            jiu           hui             liu          shui

For example, huì- can     guì-expensive      shuǐ -water      qiú-ball        

ü will only take the crown if no one is around them. 

ü is the youngest child in the whole family, also he is a crybaby.

He starts crying whenever he sees j , q , x, y. He cries for hours until no one can see his eyes anymore. So if you see ü hangs out with j , q , x and y, ü needs to be written as u. 


For example: jü        ju

                       qü         qu

                       xü          xu

Translated from "拼音王国-有情节的拼音教学-甘婷婷"

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