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IBDP Extended Essay Standardization Protocol


Prior to Standardization


  • Receive your standardization group

    • Group will include at least three people (exceptions include times where there are limited teachers of language or subject)

    • Standardization Groups -  select the appropriate cohort to find your group

  • Within the standardization group, identify the student’s Extended Essays you will be awarding levels to

    • Student Extended Essay folder - select the appropriate cohort to find student folders (this folder includes the Extended Essay and the group standardization form)

  • Access the assigned student Extended Essays

  • Access ManageBac for the student’s RPPF form

  • Access the Extended Essay Criteria

  • Independently award levels and provide justifications for the awarded levels for each student’s Extended Essay - all criteria


During Standardization

  • All members of the standardization group place their awarded levels in the group standardization form prior to the discussion

  • The supervisor leads a discussion for each criterion awarded level.

  • The group comes to a consensus on awarded levels for each criterion.

  • Justifications are written for each criterion awarded level. Use the Extended Essay Criteria for guidance.

  • Grade descriptors are used as a final check to ensure that awarded criterion levels are correct.


After Standardization

  • The supervisor ensures that the standardization form is complete.

  • Supervisor uses the grade descriptors to ensure that standardization is correct.

  • Supervisor writes a final comment, including the mandatory first line.

  • Supervisor logs the comment and hours spent with the student on ManageBac.

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