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Power of Communication 


What does communication look like? 

Communication may look different in different cultures, within different families. Before we explore more about the power of communication let’s consider


Draw  4 different things that represent communication to you on your bi ji ben. 

Brief history of communication 


                                Write down the answers on bi ji ben 

  • Do we still use some of the earliest forms of communication in our daily lives, explain? 

  • Why do you think the video finishes with the statement LIVE UNMUTED...

  • What do you think the video is trying to communicate to its viewers? 

  • In 20 years what will communication look like?


                                    Write down the answers on bi ji ben 

  • What relationships exist between the way humans communicate and the way animals communicate? 

  • How are our forms of communication enriched (become better) through our interactions with other cultures?

  • Are verbal language, written language, sign language and visual language the only forms of language? 

Statement of Inquiry

Communication processes have evolved as a results of innovations which impacts how we transmit information. 


Write down the Statement of Inquiry on your bi ji ben and explain this statement in your own words. 

Vocabulary and useful expressions

What kind of vocabulary, grammar or useful expressions would you need to learn in this unit, to be able to respond to the statement of inquiry? 

Brainstorm the vocabulary list on padlet LINK:

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