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numbers 数字 shù zì 

Objective 1: Be able to write 1-12 with pinyin and characters 

Objective 2: Be able to write 1-30 with pinyin and characters 

Objective 3: Be able to write 1-100 with pinyin and characters


        level 2: play pinyin +character intermediate 

        level 3: play pinyin +character fast           

数字 100.PNG

        level 2: character intermediate 

        level 3: character fast           

Activity 1: 


write down number 1-10

in Chinese on top of the paper 

 Step 2: 

Use the numbers to draw a number grandpa. 

Try to use as many different numbers as you can. 

Be creative!:) 

Step 3: Add up the sum of the age of the number grandpa.  

new doc 2019-08-13 14.38.49_1.jpg

一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十

Activity 2: 

What is the number? 

Step 1:  stand up and spread around in the class

Step 2: every girl is the number 10, 

              every boy is the number 5 

Step 3: when the teacher calls out 25, you need to form a                      group with  the correct number of people

The ones who got left out need to sit down. 

Activity 3: 撞球-snookering (listening, speaking and reading )

Aim: Students will be able to say his/her number and nominate the number he/she decides to hit. 

Preparation: The teacher assign each student a number, e.g. 1-30. Student write in Chinese their own number on a paper. 

The paper is folded halfway into 90 degrees and place upright in the desk. 

Process: The teacher assign a student to start with, e.g. 15. 

The student with number 15 says "我的十五碰"followed by the number he/she wants to hit, for example "二十".

The number 20 holder then need to follow"我的二十碰。。。". 

The student who fails to say this phrase correctly in time is out of the game. 

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