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你好! ní hǎo   &   您好!   nín  hǎo 


ní hǎo 你好 is the most greeting used by the Chinese. It can be used at any time of the day when you meet people. (casual way)

您好!   nín  hǎo  is the way to address people who are older than you or you want to show your respectfulness. 

Addressing teachers 

Chinese students address their teachers by

"lǎo shī"老师(old master) and they add the family name followed by lǎo shī.

For example,  my Chinese family name is

liáng梁 and my students would call me

by liáng láo shī.梁老师

Hello Teacher=nín  hǎo, lǎo shī 您好,梁老师!   

Chinese Name

In China, the family name is placed first followed by the given name.

Most names normally contain three characters:

family name +given name

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