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Quiz Time

Complete the quiz with your partner. 

  1. China, in Chinese, is called zhōng guó (中国), which means________。

  2. The Chinese national language, known as Mandarin, is called ________, ________or __________。 

It is called hàn yǔ汉语, which comes from the name of the majority race is called the ______ people. 


3. There are as many as ______ living languages in 



4. Today, Chinese has an official language status in five countries/regions or territories: 

________, ______, _______, ______, _______.

5. China is the fourth largest country in the world and the area of China is ________. 

6. There are _______races in China, the majority of the population(94%) are the _______ people. 

7. The capital of China is _______. 

8. The two main rivers in China is ______ and _______. 

9. The entombed terracotta warriors were found in the city of ______.


10. Have you been to China? Yes or No. 

If Yes, where have you been?_____________________

11. Do you have a Chinese name? 

If Yes, what is it? __________. 

If No, let’s come up with one ____________

12. Have you learnt Chinese before? Yes or No

If Yes, have long have you been learning it? ________

13. Tell me something about you in Chinese (or pinyin or English): 







1.Middle kingdom 

2.  pǔ tōng huà普通话, hàn yǔ汉语, zhōng wén中文,hàn汉people

3. 292   

4. China , Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao, Singapore 

5. 9.6 million square kilometers

6. 56, Han 汉

7. Beijing 北京

8. Huang He黄河, Chang Jiang 长江 

9. Xi An 西安


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